Welcome to Scarborough, Maine, USA.

Located on the scenic coast of Southern Maine, six miles southwest of Portland, Scarborough Schools provide services to students from kindergarten to adult education practicing its philosophy of offering quality education for all eligible members of the community. Students learn in a positive atmosphere where dedicated educators strive to meet individual student needs throughout the school year and beyond. 

Sebago Educational Alliance
Scarborough Schools, along with Gorham, Windham/Raymond (RSU #4), Bonny Eagle (MSAD #6), and Westbrook Schools, are all partners in the Sebago Educational Alliance (SEA).  Please check out their website to discover the many opportunities that they offer to our district.

Administrator Recertification Renewal Plan



Please read the following letter from Superintendent George Entwistle regarding the principal search for Wentworth School.
Wentworth Principal Search Update June 16, 2014


2014-2015 K-2 Leadership Changes

I am very excited to share with you that Anne Cass, a very capable and experienced School Leader, will be Interim Assistant Principal for Scarborough’s K-2 schools for the 2014-2015 school year.  Anne will partner with Kelly Mullen-Martin who will serve as Interim Principal for both the Blue Point and Pleasant Hill Schools to ensure that both schools have full-time leadership presence.  As you already know, John Thurlow has been named Interim Assistant Principal of the new Wentworth School for the 2014-15 school year.

Mrs. Cass very capably provided K-2 leadership during this past school year and she is excited to be a member of our K-2 Leadership Team along with Kelly and Anne Lovejoy for the upcoming school year.

Best regards,
Dr. George Entwistle, Superintendent


NEWS:  State releases 2014 report cards, congratulates high performing
and high progress schools.


School report cards were released on May 15, 2014.  Scarborough Schools continue to be recognized for improvement and high performance.  Three (3) of Scarborough Schools are graded by the State Department of Education:

Wentworth School:  A
(moved from a B)


Scarborough Middle School:  B
(moved from an A)


Scarborough High School:  A
(moved from a B)


We congratulate our fine teachers, staff, and school leaders for their commitment and tireless effort as they work to continually improve teaching and learning for every student in the Scarborough Public Schools.

Dr. George Entwistle,


Please read the following letter regarding pesticide treatment of the athletic fields at the Middle School on June 2, 2014.  Pesticide Notification Letter                                                                        

Please take a minute to read this letter from Superintendent Entwistle that outlines the importance of minimizing student absences during classroom/instructional time.

Parents and Guardians of Scarborough Students

Please read the attached document from Superintendent Entwistle regarding the status of the negotiations between the Scarborough School Department and the Custodial Services.
Custodial Services at Scarborough Public Schools


NCLB Report Cards Updated - The most current NCLB Report Cards have been posted.  If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact the Curriculum Office at 730-4100.



First Edition of Schoolhouse News is complete! Click here to see what is happening is Scarborough Schools.

Pave the Way for a new Wentworth School! Join the Wentworth School Buy-A-Brick Campaign today and become a part of Scarborough School history.  Each personalized brick will be a permanent part of the walkway leading to the front entrance of the new school.  This purchase will show your support of Scarborough schools and all the proceeds will be used to purchase art for the new Wentworth School.  To order a brick, please click on the attached link:  Buy-A-Brick!

Scarborough Public Schools Long Term Goals and 18 Month Improvement Targets
April 2013-October 2014

Please click on the following link to learn more about the goals and improvement targets that each department of the school department have determined are important areas of focus for the next 18 months.
Scarborough Public Schools Long Term Goals and 18 month Improvement Targets

To view a recent update on the status of the 18 Month Improvement Plan that was presented at a March School Board meeting by our Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Monique Culbertson, please click here.

Online Payment

Online payment is now available for school fees--click HERE for more information
To make a payment online click HERE


Scarborough Schools are growing!
Scarborough Primary schools are the only schools in the district to be segregated by geography.  Wentworth Intermediate, Scarborough Middle School and Scarborough High School all serve the whole town for each phase level.  Due to the shifts in housing developments and incoming Kindergarten numbers, the class sizes at the 3 primary schools have had some shifts.  In order to maintain equitable class sizes at all three schools, some neighborhoods will be changed from Eight Corners School to Pleasant Hill School.  This change will be gradual with only newly enrolling students in Kindergarten.  First and Second graders will be changed based on home address.   All students currently enrolled in school and attending Eight Corners will be able to complete their primary phase at Eight Corners.  The areas being impacted are Black Point Road, County Road and the Coach Lantern/Old Mill Brook neighborhoods.  For a complete list of streets impacted please contact the Scarborough School Department at 730-4100.


   Those of us who work in schools and in public education recognize that it is impossible to truly capture the work and the progress happening in schools using a single grade (as is now the system that has been adopted by the Maine Department of Education).

   Such a practice is far too simplistic and some may even find such a practice distasteful. The Report for the Scarborough Public Schools is available here.  (Click here)   Please note that grades are only assigned to school with students in grade levels participating in state assessments - and so, grades are not assigned for Scarborough's K-2 schools.

   My "take-away" from this report card:

   The hard work, dedication, and commitment of ALL of Scarborough's school staff is top notch. The investments of time, effort, and resources are all the right investments and they are returning big dividends in terms of improved student learning. We hope that the community will recognize that their continued investments in our schools are absolutely essential in order to keep us on a positive trajectory of continuous improvement.

Dr. George H. Entwistle 3rd
Superintendent of Schools

Thank you! The Community Dialogue Continues!

     I want to express my sincerest gratitude to those community members, students, parents, staff, and municipal, civic and business leaders who participated in Scarborough Public School District's Second Community Dialogue on April 23, 2013. Community Dialogues happen every 18-months - the first was in October, 2011.

     The Community Dialogue was created to ensure that our current and future action plans are responsive to the needs of Scarborough students, their parents, and our schools and community at large. The dialogue process builds on a framework of local accountability - one that is student centered and designed to deliver on the expectations of the Scarborough Community.

     The important considerations that emerged from the Community Dialogue will allow us to more clearly articulate the organization's long term goals and to refine the key areas for immediate improvement across our schools. These improvement themes, together with important student data and knowledge of best educational practices, will allow us to refresh and renew our 18-Month Improvement Strategy for the Scarborough Public Schools.

     In this current fiscal environment, it is critical that school leaders and staff are crystal clear about our priorities so that our resources and energy can be best directed to achieve the desired improvements. As we have since our first Community Dialogue in 2011, we will continue to keep the community informed about our planning and our progress.

     Good news…the Community Dialogue continues online! All of the proceedings and important considerations that came out of each of the dialogues can be accessed online by way of a link in this news article. An opportunity for additional input on all dialogue topics is available here for those either unable to get to all of the dialogues they had hoped to attend or for those unable to attend the event at all. The online link will stay active through May 10, 2013.

     Thank you again, to all those who made the Scarborough Public Schools Community Dialogue such a tremendous success.

     April 23 Dialogue Comments

Dr. George H. Entwistle 3rd
Superintendent of Scarborough Public Schools

Add comments to the Community Dialogue







Upcoming Events

(updated 6/11/2014)

Message from Superintendent Dr. Entwistle:
I am pleased to share with you what you may likely already know:  the June 10th School Budget Validation Referendum was approved and the FY15 School Budget passed.  I wanted to extend my sincerest appreciation to everyone in the school and greater community who supported the budget.  

At this level of funding, while we will need to make adjustments to accommodate the Town Council's final budget reduction made just last week, we will be able to continue the very important improvement work we have underway across the Scarborough Schools. 
It is good to have this behind us now as we make final preparations to bring this very positive and productive 2013-14 School Year to an appropriate close.
Best wishes for a safe, happy, and fun summer!

Dr. George Entwistle,


Following is an important Budget Update from Superintendent George Entwistle - please take a moment to read, and please vote tomorrow, Tuesday, June 10 - 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Scarborough High School.  June 9, 2014  Budget Update

Please read this important Budget Update from Dr. George Entwistle.

Budget Update


Post-Referendum Message from the Superintendent:  Please read the following release from Dr. George Entwistle regarding the May 13th School Budget Validation Vote.  Press Release




On Tuesday May 13th, 2014, voters in Scarborough will be given the opportunity to weigh-in on the School component of the FY15 Municipal Budget in a special, budget validation referendum.
Extraordinary and thoughtful work has been put into this final proposal by Scarborough's Educational Leaders, the School Board, and the Town Council.  It is a credible, well-developed, and reasonable proposal.
This budget, while substantially lower than what the School Community would like, does allow us to make some very critical investments and to continue essential school improvement efforts.
I urge all voters to approve the FY15 Scarborough School Budget.  It is the right thing to do for the Scarborough Schools and for the Scarborough Community.

Best regards,
Dr. George Entwistle, Superintendent

Please read the Superintendent's introduction of the FY2015 School Budget.  Click here to read Dr. Entwistle's overview.

For more information, please follow the link to the Budget page, under Board of Education on the pull-down menu.  We have posted the full calendar for the budget development process, and will add reports and documents to this page as they are presented.  We are grateful for the support of our community and hope you will set aside the time to join us in this important work.

 2014-2015 Kindergarten Registration
If you need to register your child for Kindergarten, please call the primary school your child will be attending in the fall.  If you do not know which school your child will attend, please call our Central Office at 207-730-4100 and we will be able to assist you.

Click here for a complete kindergarten registration packet.

Blue Point School
Nancy Packard

Eight Corners School
Mary Stuart-Hillman

Pleasant Hill School
Hope Taggart


2013-2014 BUS SCHEDULE
Following is the Bus Schedule for the 2013-2014 school year.  Please note that the schedule is on three pages - be sure to check the entire schedule to find your pick-up and drop-off.
Bus Schedule  - page 1
Bus Schedule - page 2
Bus Schedule - page 3



The 2014-2015 School Calendar was approved by the Scarborough School Board on March 6, 2014.

2014-2015 Calendar

2013-2014 Calendar